A smart way to be a student

Who is Rubel?

Hey! My name is Rubel – the guy behind this website- and I am currently in my last year of A levels at Newham Sixth Form College – doing the following subjects:

  • A2 Maths

  • A2 Physics

  • A2 English Language

Just like you, I have a burning desire to pass my A levels with the best possible grades and to do that, as you probably know, it is necessary to do a lot of past papers. The more you do the more confident you will become.

But getting past papers from the exam board is quite hard. Needless to say it’s just tedious and time consuming.  That’s why I decided to create this website so that students, like you and me, can access to all the resources from one place.

I decided to build this site for students, so that you can have access to all the past papers from one place and have the best revision notes available on the net.

I spent pretty much the whole year alongside my A levels, to create this site but unfortunately I did not cover all the subjects I planned to.

I am not sure how much this website will help with your revision, but all I can say is that I put my best effort throughout the year to this project.

Now, It’s you turn…

I am not asking for a donation like many other websites.  Instead all I’m asking is to share with your friends and relatives – spread the word to the world  😀


P.S  Good luck with your exams!!!